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Awakened Consciousness

5 States of The Consciousness

The Mind is a Prism of Duality. So, it creates these 5 states of the Consciousness. The Mind has to
go through this subjective relativity to experience the non-relative or absolute reality.

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You means, “Your Own Uniqueness”

All videos and other content are aimed at our own inner transformation. When the inner
is transformed the outer is automatically transformed as a consequence.

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Dispersion of Light

A white ray of light passing through the Prism

When a white ray of light passes through the Prism, it disperses into seven different bands of colors of light popularly called VIBGYOR, Voilet at the top end and Red at the bottom end. Science says the color is coming from the brain and the mind. The mind creates a Perception of Colors.

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Dispersion of Consciousness

Pure Consciousness passing through the Prism of Mind

When the Pure Consciousness passes through the Prism of the Mind, it disperses into seven different perceptions of the consciousness - Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Unconsciousness, Collective Consciousness, Collective Unconsciousness, Individual Consciousness, Individual Unconsciousness, and the Awakened Consciousness.

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You are the Testimony

Don’t take anybody’s words for Granted!!

Nobody’s testimony is of any help. And no testament is going to help you. You are the Testimony.
You have to experiment with yourself. You have to go with your own experience. So, experience it!!


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When the ray of light passes through the prism, it splits into seven different bands of colors. And when the ray of the pure
consciousness passes through the prism of the mind, it creates the bands of waking, dreaming, drugged, and dreamless consciousness.

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